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How to check if phone is PTA approved?


The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) approved requires mobile device approval to verify that they comply with local norms and standards. Consumers in Pakistan must verify whether a phone is PTA approved in order to avoid potential network connectivity and regulatory compliance issues. This post provides a complete guide on how to verify if your phone is PTA authorized, giving useful information for smartphone users.

Understanding PTA Approval:

PTA clearance indicates that a mobile device meets the authority’s technical and regulatory standards. This clearance is critical for guaranteeing seamless network interoperability and compliance with national telecommunications standards. Mobile devices without PTA permission may experience restrictions or limitations when connecting to Pakistani networks.

Checking PTA Approval Status:

Consumers can verify the PTA approval status of their mobile devices using one of various methods:

*Dialing #06#:

Every mobile device is assigned a unique International approved Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. Dialing *#06# on the phone’s keypad yields the IMEI digits. Users can then verify the approval status of their IMEI number by visiting the PTA website and entering it there.

PTA Website:

The PTA offers an online portal where customers can enter their device’s IMEI number to check its clearance status. Users can utilize the IMEI verification tool on the PTA’s Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) website to see whether their device is PTA approved.

Mobile Apps:

are smartphone applications accessible in app stores that allow for IMEI verification and PTA approval checks. Users can download these apps and provide their device’s IMEI number for verification.

Authorized Retailers:

Consumers can also contact authorized mobile stores or service facilities to learn about their devices’ PTA approval status. Authorized stores often have access to PTA databases and can help clients verify approval status.

Importance of PTA Approval:

PTA clearance ensures that mobile devices are compliant with national norms and standards, ensuring network compatibility and lawful use throughout Pakistan. Using a non-PTA-approved device may cause network disruptions, service limitations, or even legal penalties. As a result, users must check PTA approval before acquiring or using a mobile device in Pakistan.


To summarize, determining whether a phone is PTA approved approved is critical for guaranteeing seamless network connectivity and compliance with local legislation in Pakistan. Consumers can check the approval status of their mobile devices by dialing *#06#, going to the PTA website, or contacting authorized merchants. Prioritizing PTA approval allows consumers to avoid potential difficulties and enjoy a hassle-free mobile experience in Pakistan.

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