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How to Watch T20 Worldcup 2024 Live on Mobile Phone?

To watch the T20 World Cup 2024 on your mobile phone, you have several options depending on where you are located.

The services available in your region. Here’s a general guide:

  1. Official Streaming Apps: The official broadcasters of the T20 World Cup usually provide streaming services through their apps. Look for apps from broadcasters like ESPN, Star Sports, Willow TV, or Hotstar (depending on your country) and check if they offer live streaming of cricket matches.
  2. Subscription Services: Some subscription-based streaming services might offer coverage of cricket events, including the T20 World Cup. Examples include ESPN+, Willow TV, Hotstar, and others. You may need to subscribe to these services and pay a fee to access the live streams.
  3. Cricket-specific Apps: There are apps specifically dedicated to cricket streaming. For example, the ICC (International Cricket Council) might have its own app where you can watch live matches, highlights, and other cricket-related content.
  4. Social Media Platforms: Sometimes, cricket matches are streamed live on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. Check the official pages of the T20 World Cup, cricket boards, or broadcasters on these platforms to see if they are streaming the matches.
  5. VPN Services: If you’re in a region where streaming services are geo-blocked, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to access them. By connecting to a server in a country where the streaming service is available, you can bypass geo-restrictions and watch the T20 World Cup on your mobile phone. More tech articles check Apkfifty.com

Remember to check the availability of these options in your country and ensure you have a stable internet connection for smooth streaming. Also, be aware of any subscription fees or data charges associated with streaming content on your mobile device.

Best Official Apps to Watch T20 Cricket Worldcup 2024

The “best” official app for watching the T20 World Cup 2024 on your mobile phone would depend on your location and personal preferences. Here are some popular options:

  1. ICC – International Cricket Council: The ICC usually provides an official app that offers live scores, news, highlights, and sometimes live streaming of matches. This app is a go-to for many cricket fans around the world.
  2. Hotstar: If you’re in India or neighboring countries, Hotstar is a popular streaming service owned by Disney that often broadcasts cricket matches, including the T20 World Cup. It offers live streaming, match highlights, and analysis.
  3. ESPN: In some regions, ESPN offers a dedicated app for streaming sports content, including cricket. You can check if the ESPN app in your country provides coverage of the T20 World Cup.
  4. Willow TV: Willow TV is a popular cricket-focused streaming service available in the United States and Canada. It often broadcasts major cricket tournaments, including the T20 World Cup.
  5. Star Sports: If you’re in countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, or others in the Indian subcontinent, the Star Sports app might offer live streaming of cricket matches, including the T20 World Cup.

Before downloading any app, make sure to check its availability in your country’s app store and read reviews to ensure it meets your expectations for streaming quality and features.

Team ICC T20I Ranking
Australia 1
Pakistan 2
England 3
India 4
South Africa 5
New Zealand 6
Afghanistan 7
West Indies 8
Sri Lanka 9
Bangladesh 10
Ireland 11
Zimbabwe 12
Scotland 13
UAE 14
Netherlands 15
Oman 16

T20 World cup 2024 All Teams Matches and schedule.

Date Time (GMT) Match Venue
2024-10-20 09:00 Australia vs South Africa Sydney
2024-10-21 12:00 India vs England Melbourne
2024-10-22 10:30 Pakistan vs New Zealand Adelaide
2024-10-23 11:00 Sri Lanka vs West Indies Brisbane
2024-10-24 13:30 Afghanistan vs Bangladesh Perth
2024-10-25 10:00 Ireland vs Scotland Canberra
2024-10-26 09:30 Netherlands vs Oman Hobart
2024-10-27 12:30 UAE vs Zimbabwe Geelong
2024-10-28 14:00 Australia vs England Sydney
2024-10-29 11:30 Pakistan vs South Africa Melbourne
2024-10-30 10:00 India vs New Zealand Adelaide
2024-10-31 13:00 Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Brisbane
2024-11-01 12:30 Afghanistan vs West Indies Perth
2024-11-02 10:30 Ireland vs Oman Canberra
2024-11-03 09:00 Scotland vs Netherlands Hobart
2024-11-04 11:00 UAE vs Zimbabwe Geelong
2024-11-05 13:30 Australia vs India Sydney
2024-11-06 12:00 Pakistan vs England Melbourne
2024-11-07 10:30 South Africa vs New Zealand Adelaide
2024-11-08 11:30 Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan Brisbane
2024-11-09 13:00 West Indies vs Bangladesh Perth
2024-11-10 12:30 Ireland vs Netherlands Canberra
2024-11-11 10:00 Scotland vs Oman Hobart
2024-11-12 09:30 UAE vs Netherlands Geelong
2024-11-13 11:00 Australia vs Pakistan Sydney
2024-11-14 13:30 India vs South Africa Melbourne
2024-11-15 12:00 England vs New Zealand Adelaide
2024-11-16 10:30 Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Brisbane
2024-11-17 11:30 Afghanistan vs Bangladesh Perth
2024-11-18 13:00 West Indies vs Scotland Canberra
2024-11-19 12:30 UAE vs Ireland Hobart
2024-11-20 10:00 Zimbabwe vs Netherlands Geelong
2024-11-21 09:30 Semifinal 1: 1st Place vs 4th Place Sydney
2024-11-22 11:00 Semifinal 2: 2nd Place vs 3rd Place Melbourne
2024-11-23 13:30 Final: Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 Adelaide

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