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The Top 7 Making Money Apps | Put more Money in your Pocket.

There are many options available on applications for anyone looking for simple ways to make money. With a smartphone, you may complete surveys, find a side business, sell your old items, and more.

Here are seven free money-making apps described in detail. Apps having at least 25,000 reviews and a rating of 4,000 were taken into account by Apkfifty.

Make Money Online with New Apps


Ibotta allows you to receive cash back on in-person and online purchases made at more than 2,000 participating merchants. It was first intended for groceries, but it has now grown to cover apparel, dining out, entertainment, and other categories. Offers may be retailer- or product-specific; some will be automatically applied. Others will require you to perform an additional job, such as watch a film or take a survey.

There are three ways to get cash back from retailers: You can link your retailer loyalty accounts, add offers, submit your receipt through the app after your shopping excursion (you have seven days to do so), or buy a retailer gift card through the Ibotta app. You shop online for purchases.

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Payment: options include PayPal, digital gift cards, and direct bank deposit.

Benefits: Cash back on in-store purchases is given to customers swiftly, usually within 24 hours. Ibotta also provides new members with a welcome incentive, referral bonuses, and a selection of payment options.

Cons: Earning money can take time. To redeem your earnings, you must have at least $20 in cash back (some gift cards demand at least $25 in earnings). Each retailer has a different waiting period for cash back when making purchases online. For accounts that have been inactive for six months or have been deleted, Ibotta additionally levies a maintenance fee. Your balance, not your bank account, is where the fee is taken out.

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2. Rakuten

How it works: Rakuten, previously Ebates, offers cash back to customers who make purchases from renowned stores, eateries, and food delivery services. Travel, gift cards, and other purchases can all earn users cash back. It’s easy to understand: Set up an account, select the store in the app from which you want to purchase items, and then complete the transaction through the portal. If you first activate the deal using the app, you can also link a credit or debit card to your Rakuten account to receive cash back in-store. After Rakuten confirms the transaction with the merchant, which it says may take a few hours to several days, it credits the money back to your account.

Benefits: Since cash back is available at thousands of merchants and transactions, you’re sure to find savings where you already shop. After making their first eligible purchase, new customers might receive a $10 welcome incentive. Additionally, you can gain sign-up and referral bonuses. By donating a portion of your cash back earnings to nonprofit partners, you can have an effect.

Cons: As with the majority of cash-back businesses, you must invest money before you can earn it. Additionally, you won’t immediately see your earnings because Rakuten only pays out customers who have at least a $5 cash-back balance every three months according to the company’s payment schedule. You must keep in mind to start your purchase in the app first, as opposed to other apps like Ibotta.

3. Swagbucks

An app that offers cash back and rewards is called Swagbucks. Through Swagbucks, you may earn SB points by doing things like shopping online (there are 1,500 participating stores), doing surveys, watching movies, participating in games, or performing other chores. These points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash deposited into your PayPal account. Each task’s final score may differ. For instance, surveys often have a value of 40 to 200 SB points. Depending on the payment option you select, the minimum balance needed to redeem varies, although some gift cards can be found for as little as 110 SB.

E-gift cards or PayPal are accepted forms of payment. Additionally, you can exchange SB for Bitcoin using the brand-new Cryptovoucher Gift Card choices.

Benefits: include a variety of simple ways to earn rewards from Swagbucks and a quick cashout process. Following redemption, payments typically come in 10 business days. When you sign up, you can also receive a $10 bonus with a qualifying $25 purchase.

Cons: The remuneration is not great; one SB is worth roughly one cent. It can take some time and effort to earn much money because many tasks are just worth a few cents. You won’t be able to complete every survey or job, but you can still earn up to 5 SB per day even if you don’t. Users frequently complain about being terminated from surveys midway through. According to Swagbucks, this may be a result of demographics or dishonest or inconsistent responses.

7. Poshmark

How it functions For selling clothing, accessories, and even home decor, use the Poshmark app. You take or upload images of your item, write a description, set a price, and share the listing after joining up. Additionally, you can highlight products in the “Posh Parties” on the app, which are online shopping occasions themed around specific brands, categories, and themes. Once a purchase is made, Poshmark emails you a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label. The parcel is then sent using USPS.

Payment options include check or bank account direct deposit.

Poshmark makes the process easier from selling to shipping. Additionally, you can make a sale without having to meet with a stranger. Loss of parcels will be covered, and the business will manage disputes with the buyer.