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How do you restart Realme with buttons?

Restarting Your Realme Device Using Button Combinations

Restarting your Realme smartphone with button restart combinations can be a useful option in a variety of situations, such as when the device becomes unresponsive or experiences software troubles. This simple article shows how to restart your Realme device using button combinations, providing consumers with a quick and effective troubleshooting solution.

Why Restart Using Button Combinations?

Restarting your Realme device with specific button combinations can assist repair temporary software issues or unresponsiveness without requiring sophisticated troubleshooting methods or software tools. This strategy gives a simple solution that is accessible to all people, regardless of technical ability.

Locate the Power Button:

Locate the power button on your Realme gadget. This button is often found on the device’s side or top edge, depending on the model.

Press and Hold the Power Button:

Press and hold the power button for a few seconds to bring up the device’s power menu. This menu often contains options like “Power Off,” “Restart,” and “Emergency Mode.”

Select the Restart Option:

In the power menu, select the “Restart” option using the volume buttons or the touch screen. Depending on your device model, you may need to scroll or swipe to see this option.

Confirm the Restart:

Once the “Restart” option is selected, tap or click the restart power button to confirm your choice. Your Realme device will then start the restart process.

Wait for the Device to Restart:

Give your Realme gadget a few moments to shut down and restart. The Realme logo or animation may appear on the screen as the smartphone boots up.

Check for Normal Operation:

After restarting the device, navigate through the menus, run apps, and do routine chores to ensure that everything is working properly. If the gadget performs as intended, the restart was successful.

When to Restart Your Realme Device:

Consider restarting your Realme device using button combinations in the following scenarios:

During use, the gadget may become unresponsive or freeze.
Apps regularly crash, and the tablet operates slowly.
A reboot is required to apply software upgrades or modifications.
You notice tiny software faults or unusual device behavior.


Restarting your Realme device with button restart combinations is a simple but effective way to solve software faults or unresponsiveness. Users can simply initiate a restart by following the methods provided in this article, which do not require any specialist equipment or technical skills. Add this useful approach to your troubleshooting repertoire to keep your Realme device functioning smoothly and efficiently.

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